Feb 3, 2018
Vallgatan 22

Shaken (and deeply frustrated) by the #MeToo movement, as digital creators we have decided to join forces and take action.
In a one day hack teams will prototype creative solutions to the underlying problems shown by #MeToo.

Questions & Answers

What is the "#MeToo movement"?

The hashtag #MeToo has shaken our society showing that systematic sexual harassments and assaults are everywhere. Subsequent movements like #allavi, #bortabramenhemmavärst, #deadline, #tystnadtagning, #medvilkenrätt, #teknisktfel (and many more) shows that it's present in almost every part of our society.

What is #MeToo Hack?

A one day event where teams of people prototypes, builds and ideates around digital products that in some way could make a difference in the area of sexual abuse and harassment and overall sexual integrity.

Isn't hacking illegal?

Hacking is here by no means referring to the illegal art of penetrating computer systems :). By "hacking" we mean thinking outside the box, rapidly prototyping creative solutions and ideas too good (or crazy) not to spend a day to try out!

Wow, this sounds awesome!

Well, that's technically not a question but thank you! Be sure to submit your best ideas at our ideas page to make it even better!

Who can participate?

Anyone with a passion to make a difference in this field! Most teams will build digital products but not being a programmer is NOT a reason not to participate. #MeToo Hack will be limited to 15-20 teams (depending on team size). Who is in the team however is up to you! Copywriters, lawyers, designers, social workers, sceintists, you name it!

Is this a competition?

Very much so, but the teams are not competing against each others, we're fighting norms and social constructs that every day leads to more people taken advantage of.

I don't have a team

No worries! There will be a "pre-hack" event on the evening of the 16th of January where you get the chance to meet our awesome participants and many teams will probably be formed there.

How do I register?

Registrations for this event is unfortunately closed due to the large interest in participating, but hey, you can still help out by submitting ideas over at our ideas page! Also, this is hopefully just the first event of many such events since we won't (unfortunately) solve every problem on this first hack, so be sure to register your email above to be notified.

Will there be food and drinks?

Yes, this will be a fully sponsored event, including food and drinks during the day (thank you sponsors).

What do I need to bring?

Bring whatever you need to get to work, a computer, post-its, sharpies, drawing tablets, vegan candy...

I don't have an awesome idea yet!

Head over to our ideas page for inspiration. Also, attending our pre-hack on the 16th of January will probably be extra valuable for you.


Tue Jan 16th, 17:30-20:00 (venue TBA)

Two weeks before the hack we will host a "pre-hack" forum, where participants get the opportunity to join a cross functional team of field experts to get ideas or feedback on existing ones. Since the problems at hand are so insanely complex and multifaceted the solutions will require input from many points of view, or from many different proffesions.

Some of the attending experts are researchers Ninni Carlsson and Mari Brännvall from Göteborgs Universitet, journalist and writer Elin Klemetz and Anna Thomasson, former project manager for “Fatta Man”.


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Interested in sponsoring #MeToo Hack? Contact us by email: spons@metoohack.se.

Also consider "donating" an idea at the ideas page!


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